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New additives from ROWA Masterbatch improve mechanical properties


Making the (almost) new from the old – Advances for recycling: High quality in polymers is crucial in order to increase their recycling rate. The ROWA Masterbatch laboratories have long accepted this topic – the specialists in the laboratory are constantly working on finding solutions for how plastics can be optimized in order to make meaningful recycling possible. The use of recycled plastics has so far been limited by the compromised mechanical properties and processability as a result of polymer degradation. An exciting new development from ROWA Masterbatch for PET now demonstrates how degradation or breakdown of the polymer chain can be counteracted:

Pinneberg / Germany, September 2022  – The active substance in this Masterbatch is a so-called chain extender. This “chain extender” reacts with the ends of the polycondensate chains. The polymer chains of the degraded polymer, with a low molecular weight, are combined with one another and form longer-chain polymers.
Studies have shown that the melt flow index (melt volume-flow rate, MVR) of degraded PET can be restored with a dosage of 5% of ROWALID PET-A103A SP (see graphic). The impact strength of PET which is extruded multiple times could also be almost doubled. The transparency of the PET is maintained here. This means that even high proportions of regranulate can be mixed with new PET without significantly worsening the physical properties.

The MVR for virgin PET, PET which has been extruded four times and PET which has been extruded four times + 5% ROWALID PET-A103A SP: The MVR was significantly increased by extrusion four times, which indicates significant chain degradation. By adding 5% ROWALID PET-A103A SP, it was possible to attain the original MVR of virgin PET and therefore the processing quality once again.

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