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Press Releases

News from 04.06.2020


Plastic recycling has the great advantage of saving raw materials. However, in the past there have been difficulties in the necessary sorting, especially with the popular black and dark plastics, which impeded the recycling process. ROWA Masterbatch now offers a solution to this problem with ROWALID® -IR. Read more
News from 01.10.2019

The e-mobility megatrend: ROWA Masterbatch is along for the ride

It is becoming increasingly obvious in the everyday street scene: E-Mobility is one of the big, maybe even the biggest megatrend. Whether for use as private cars, buses, shuttle service or sharing vehicles, different types of electric vehicles are on the road in both local and long-distance traffic – and more and more often ROWA Masterbatch is along for the ride. Read more
News from 23.09.2019

Flexible lighting design with high luminous efficacy

Light-scattering masterbatches for thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU): ROWA Masterbatch, manufacturer of polymer-specific masterbatches, puts a sparkle in the eyes of their customer with the new ROWALID® products. Read more


News from 05.05.2020

Automotive Interiors Expo

November 10-12, 2020 in Stuttgart - THE trade fair for car interiors Read more

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