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ROWALID®-CC Polymer specific color masterbatches


With ROWALID®-CC , ROWA Masterbatch brings color into play and always hits the right tone. There are various options available for the color settings:

  • Pantone
  • RAL
  • HKS
  • NCS
  • according to a design template/customer requirements

The portfolio includes opaque, translucent, and transparent colorants, and particularly special effects such as metallic, pearlescent or glitter.

L*a*b* color space (CIELAB)


There is nothing off-the-shelf at ROWA Masterbatch. It is possible to find solutions for almost every thermoplastic resin. The advantages of polymer specific masterbatches are:

  • optimum design of the technical properties
  • no incompatibilities
  • high resistances

The colorants are selected to match the application, such as

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Consumer

Special requirements and conformities, e.g. food contact, use in toys, etc., can be taken into account individually.

Processing temperatures of thermoplastic resins


ROWALID®-CC Masterbatches are optimized for the intended processing method, e.g.:

  • Extrusion
  • Compounding
  • Injection molding
  • Film extrusion

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