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About Us

Competence in Colors – assured quality standards with innovative versatility

We create colourful solutions

Since 1978 ROWA Masterbatch is specialized in the developement and production of polymere specific color, additive and multifunctional masterbatches as well as special componds for thermoplastic plastics. With skill and creativity, we create individual solutions for new, customer specific requirements and ensure compliance with exact standards for already developed products.

We optimise the benefits to the customer

The aim of our developments is to serve the existing markets in a reliable manner, and to tap new potentials for the products of our customers. We work closely with our customers from the development to the series production stage, solving problems on site, and achieving the shortest delivery times through efficient operational processes.

We guaranty the highest quality

Uncompromising quality standards are mandatory for us. From the selection of raw materials through the processing to the final controlling at the time of delivery, the highest requirements are applied. That is why our customers can rely at all times on the assured brand quality of masterbatches from ROWA.

ROWA Masterbatch: color, additive and multifunctional masterbatches

ROWA Masterbatches are concentrates that are set precisely according to customer requirements. They are meant for refining thermoplastic plastics.


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