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Automotive Interiors Expo


November 09-11, 2021 in Stuttgart - THE trade fair for car interiors

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The trade fair is of equal significance to design teams and procurement people as well as Tier 1 or 2 component manufacturer and gives an overview of the latest designs, materials and developments.

As a manufacturer of Styrene Copolymers, such as ABS, ASA, mostly produced in individual colours, we deliver, too, blends like PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PBT/ABS, PBT/ASA, ABS/PA, ASA/PA, PC, PC PC/PBT, PC/PET, PA6 and 6.6 compounds.

We have developed materials for automotive interior with properties like acoustic damping, anti creaking, mechanical wear resistance and permanent antistatic behaviour. All those compounds are in compliance with the special requirements (emission, heat and light resistance, other automotive standards). Purchasing of Luranyl range (PPE/PS and PPE/PA-blends).

All products are constantly being enhanced (e.g. UV stability, flame proof, heat aging resistance) by our R&D team.

Newest development and innovation of characteristics for compounds for unlacquered automobile interior with most pleasant surface feel, silky-mat finish and good tribological qualities such as high scratch resistance as well as compounds for unlacquered exteriors in deep black, light diffusion and chrome replacement.

We are looking forward to show you our broad range of possibilites for your individuell demand A4329 from at booth November 09-11, 2021!

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